• HiPB Coffee.

    We - 9x young people understand well to sublimate ideas, run on time, there must be a comfortable working space, full of comfort and comfort to stimulate creativity and help solve. The fastest and most effective work problems. Therefore, HiPB Coffee - Hi! We are Power Brothers was born based on that desire.

    With an open space design combined with green but no less privacy, discreet, comes with fully equipped office equipment, we believe that you - the young Start-ups - will have Be inspired to work in a space that HiPB Coffee is dedicated to you.

    At HiPB Coffee, we offer drinks made from clean, rigorously tested raw ingredients and meticulously prepared to meet the highest quality standards. With the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the HiPB Coffee staff, you will definitely have a refreshing spirit at work - Inspirational people!​​​​​​​

  • Branding Project: HiPB Coffee
    Scope of Work: Logo Creative & Visual Identity
    Creative & Design: InSpace Creative
    Photo by HiPB
    Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Published: 2019

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