Hairdressing Salon

  • Hairdressing Salon   /  Germany

  • We had a pleasure to create brand identity for a luxury, hairdressing salon located in Germany run by Christina Peter.
    Maintaining harmony in the typography with modern and simple look but in the same time communicate professional services. That was our mission. We created a custom font to reflect the brand's personality. 
    To be identity of the brand more complete. We proposed symbol which is inspired in classic monograms, conserving a modern look. We love symbols closed in circles. Additional brand element of the design is a simple, geometric sign which represent trust, harmony, calm. We decide to use him in sealing wax stamp. It is unique way to create vouchers for all clients. Human touch in every gift. Every client can be treated exceptionally. That is why they want to back again. All items in the stationery were considered to maximum attention to detail.

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