DOB Display - DOB68 Brand Typeface

  • DOB68 - Dude On The Board 68 - Is a street fashion brand for skaters, bringing items that help wearers confidently pursue their passion.

    DOB Display is a DOB68's brand display typeface. DOB display that was designed by reverse contrast type style. It is a manifestation of the street children restrained within limits and then transformed into a new, unique form full of passion.

    With the letter "O" replaced by "Ø", we want to express the message "no skate - no life". And in Denmark, “Ø" means the island, to us it was surprising and inspiring.

    The visual language is dynamic and fresh, we focus on the look and feel of cool images and strong content to convey a passion for skateboards.

    Pop passion, kick the dream, wear DOB68​​​​​​​!

  • Credits
    Designed by Si @2020
    Many Thanks Do Nam for crazy stunning photography!  

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