DOB Display - DOB68 Brand Typeface

  • Project information:

    The team behind Dude on the Board 68 (DOB68) fashion brand were enthusiastic skateboarders, inspired to introduce hand picked vintage items that exude each skateboarder's personality, aesthetic sense and confidence in their pursuit of their passion. And thus, their own streetwear fashion brand for skaters was brought forth by 2019, and with it, the idea of DOB Display.

    True to its form, DOB Display is a manifestation of street youngsters constrained by limitations transforming into unique, passionate selves. With that in mind, the idea of a sans-serif typeface with inverted contrast was employed throughout the designs. Inspired by the shape of a skateboard, DOB Display contains rounded counters similar to a geometric shape, while the dramatic contrast between vertical and horizontal lines makes for immediate attention-grabbing visual impact.

    Type of project

    Brand Identity, Type Design

  • Credits
    Designed by Si @2020
    Many Thanks Do Nam for crazy stunning photography!  

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