3D Lettering Workshop

  • In April 2019, the Online School of 3D for Graphic Designers method.education ran a lettering challenge as part of 36 Days Of Type. We handpicked the artworks and created a website to share the outcome with the broader design community. Over 120 students participated in this challenge.

    Each night for 36 consecutive days, the curator of the method.education Michael Katz, was recording a video tutorial, covering some unique techniques to design a letterform. Until the following night, the students of the platform had to create the letter of the day using this technique.

    As a result, hundreds of artworks were born, they were all posted on Instagram and Facebook. Lots of them got featured on the 36 Days of Type official account. The letterforms were showcased in portfolios and projects, they were also used for commercial purposes.

  • The method.education school is also engaged in other projects and will be happy to collaborate with designers from across the globe. Be in touch.

    3D Lettering Workhop (currently in Russian) will be released for English speaking designers soon. Stay tuned