Sulwhasoo Chinese New Year Campaign 2020

  • Sulwhasoo Chinese New Year Campaign

    Behind the story of this cheeky well-traveled rat, is a collaboration that transcends cultural and creative borders. Korea’s leading holistic beauty brand, Sulwahsoo, and Paris’s 18th century pattern maker, Antoinette Poisson, came together to develop Sulwhasoo’s limited edition Chinese New Year packaging. 

    We were challenged to create a global campaign out of Antoinette Poisson’s pattern of peonies, heart-links, and this year’s zodiac protagonist— the rat. Staying true to the two dimensional nature of Antoinette Poisson’s work, we brought the packaging alive by revealing a whole world within the pattern and taking viewers on an enchanting journey past city landmarks and 
    Sulwhasoo’s signature product.

    Creative Direction A Work Of Substance
    Graphic Designers Onss Mhirsi / Crystal Ho / Pauline Ah-Fa
    Animation Kingdom of Something
    Sound Design by Combustion Studio