Military & Outdoor Supplies
  • This project is a re-branding of the Old Soldier store, which sells second-hand military clothing. This store is popular among a specific audience such as men who are keen on outdoor activities, because military is well-known for its usability and reliability. I wanted to embrace this fact (the usage of military equipment for outdoor activities) in the new identity of the store. The logotype is showing the transformation of the military patch (sergeant’s patch) into a pine tree. 
    I found my inspiration for the packaging in the transformation and multipurpose of the military equipment, and in particular in the Russian military capes which can transform into tents. My idea was to create packaging which can be reused for the outdoor activities – thus, the wooden shoebox becomes a stool, a trap for small animals and emergency firewood; the sack backpack transforms into a pillowcase (if it’s stuffed with something soft), also the straps can be removed, so they become a solid rope; and  the plastic bag transforms into a raincoat.