U.S. Embassy Warsaw

  • Poland has entered the US Visa Waiver Program. For this reason, the US Embassy in Poland challenged us to create an animation that would give Poles the answers to the most important questions on this subject and provide further information links. In addition to the educational goal, we had to chvoose the right style: elegant, yet eye-catching and coherent to the widest possible target audience. Despite a tight deadline, we managed to create interesting storytelling int the colors of the American flag. Now, we can wish everyone successful trips to the States!
  • art direction: Paweł Starz
    script: Maria Pawlikowska, Paweł Starz
    storyboard: Paweł Starz
    illustration: Gosia Jeniec, Anna Sztwiertnia
    animatic: Paweł Starz
    animation: Mateusz Jędrzejewski
    sound design: Studio Praga
    production management: Dawid Gaweł
    account management: Gosia Kucharska

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