Searching For A Job? Identity

  • I was asked to design the visual identity for the Etistikö Töitä / Searching For A Job? art project. This was one of three suggested directions for the core identity that I made. The inspiration for this particular proposal was inspired by scribbles and doodles that I draw on post-it notes. Although this direction was not chosen the final design was also made by me.

    Project by Juhani Haukka ja Lauri Antti Mattila
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  • "Searching for a Job? is art, and it is also true; the project creates new realities and takes place in reality. We’re turning the process of employment into art and contemplating the possibilities of art and work in the era of post-fossil reconstruction. This is art participating in the rethinking of society.

    You have a chance to suggest and get to do exactly the job you want, the one you wouldn’t have a chance for otherwise. We will pick seven employees, each of whom will be given a two-month grant for carrying out the job. The chosen jobs will be documented."