Grace - Sunset Collection

  • GRACE - Sunset Collection

    We developed this complete case study. Grace is about feeling good, healthy and safe in your own skin, empowering women into the idea that self-care is the new self esteem.

    Would you like you
    If you met you?
    Oh yes, you're like ...
    Really pretty, true and authentic.

    Be positive, take care 
    and believe in yourself.
    Girl, you're so fine and unique.
    Own your power.

    You're magical, creative, gorgeous, 
    You're so special.
    Authenticity is your power
    So empower yourself.

    Darling, believe it.
    You're so fine, beautiful and real.
    The way you speak to yourself 

    Make yourself a coffee and prepare to scroll for a while.

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    Directed by: NotReal

    Creative Direction: Valeria Moreiro 
    Executive Production: Roberto Connolly

    Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro
    Animation Direction: Milton Gonzalez

    2D Design: Luján Borzi, Pia Alive, Valeria Moreiro
    3D Design: Valeria Moreiro, Alejandra Lan, Luján Borzi

    2D Animation: Milton Gonzalez, Joana Cabrera, Roberto Connolly
    3D Animation: Milton Gonzalez, Joana Cabrera

    Lighting & Shading: Valeria Moreiro
    Rendering and Compositing: Milton Gonzalez

    Making off: Roberto Connolly

    Photography:Cecilia Armand Ugon
    Photography Assistant: Ayelén Di Biasi
    Styling: Maia Frid
    Make up: Julie Doee

    Models: Abril Castroman- Lo Management
    Layla Ferreira- Pink Models

    Year: 2020