NIKE - Gumball Pack

  • NIKE - Gumball Pack

    This pack is all about fun. We developed a series of animations for new editions of the Nike Air Max React & The Air Max Plus, released on the National Bubble Gum Day. 

    All content was shared at the stores and on social media accounts of the main Nike retailes: FootLocker, Foot Action and Champ Sports, among others.

    This world is based on the combination of two hero elements as the support for the shoe: gum balls and bubbles.
    Multi-colored, smooth, candy-coated shapes represent the gum balls. For the bubbles, we have the sensation of air filled, imperfection on the shapes and a variation of thickness transitioning from opaque to transparent.
    The enviroments developed are modern reinterpretations of a kids playground, with soft and fun shapes of foam and rubber-like materials.

    Just Chew It.

  • Thanks!

    Directed by: NotReal

    Creative Direction: Valeria Moreiro & Milton Gonzalez
    Executive Production: Roberto Connolly
    Production Assistant: Joana Cabrera

    Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro
    Animation Direction: Milton Gonzalez

    Design: Luján Borzi, Josefina Llano, Macs Riedel, Sergio Fuego, Valeria Moreiro, Milton Gonzalez
    Animation: Macs Riedel, Sergio Fuego, Joana Cabrera,  Milton Gonzalez

    Lighting & Shading: Valeria Moreiro
    Rendering and Compositing: Milton Gonzalez
    Modeling: Nahuel Belich & RotoArt

    Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece

    Agency: Cinco Design
    Client: Nike
    Year: 2020