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    We designed the new brand identity for Faalu (PSF Kft.). The founders, with experience in construction and manufacturing, set out to create a woodworking company that satisfies the wide range of needs of the construction industry, from complete designs to installation, all while adhering to strict Western European standards. The company's Hungarian and Romanian sites are spread over 20,000 square meters. An important aspect of company development from the outset was to use natural materials with the least possible environmental impact.

    Design, construct, build! The slogan that is the cornerstone of the company. This sentence clearly shows that Faalu is flexible in serving its customers, whatever their needs. The brand’s visual representation is based on this flexibility, through the infinite formation / mutation of the logo. The branding remains consistent through reference publications, business cards, forms, and interiors. On the other hand, it is also distinct, as it appears on workers' protective clothing as well as on utility vehicles.

    Typefaces: Foundry Gridnik by Wim Crouwel and Grӓbenbach by Wolfgang Schwӓrzler
    Bookbinding: Márk Somogyi