• N  I  C  C  O  L  O

    The  main goal of the project was to develop a logo and corporate identity for the new Niccolo Restaurant, which is located in the Crown Plaza Hotel. The restaurant will also be attractive for for lunch and dinner. The price segment is above average prices, the Restaurant has is Chinese and European kitchen.

    The basis of the visual language was the Silk Road - the connection of Asia and Europe. The methafor is Niccolò Polo’s (father of the famous traveler, Marco Polo) topographic travel route along the Silk Road. It was presented in the pattern, and in the reliefs used on media.

  • A bright element of the corporate identity was the menu with a substrate of wood. Wood - material is wear-resistant, easily restored with oil. Abrasions that will inevitably come over time will only add charm and aesthetics, creating a feeling of an ancient artifact. It is worth mentioning the relief on the substrate created by milling. He recreates a map of the heights of the area where, in ancient times, the great Niccolo Polo paved his way. Epoxy coating protects the surface from damage. The combination of materials looks very impressive.

    Fastening sheets - neodymium magnet. It will be embedded and pasted into the substrate.
    This solution makes it easy to replace menu pages.