Flu Sens DX – digital point of care

  • Digital point of care – Flu Sens DX
  • MOBI Flu SensDx is a digital diagnostic platform that works with dedicated single-use tests. It allows for highly specific identification of biomarkers in samples in 3-5 minutes, to detect the influenza virus at an early stage with 99% efficiency. The presence of the virus excludes the need for antibiotics which decreases treatment costs and saves human immune system.

    The sleek and minimalistic design is functional and human-friendly. The MOBI is easy to hold, clean and maintain. The lack of fragile elements makes the device durable and prolongs its life cycle. The product is sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable.

    MOBI Flu SensDx's features:
    - flat design suggests using in horizontal position on a flat surface,
    - delicate hand-friendly edges allow for a firm grip when inserting and removing the test,
    - "hygienic" surface and material (ABS) is easy to keep clean and sterile (smooth texture, no recesses, no prints),
    - together with the SensDx Application, it creates an intuitive human-friendly UX,
    - led backlight works with the application and have an informative nature (the light is on when the device is switched on, the light pulsates during buffering time, the light points indicate where the cable and the electrode should be inserted),
    - the shape of the MOBI accurately suggests where the electrode should be inserted,
    - cooperation with smartphone or or computer reduces the number of potential emergency elements such as digital screens, buttons, etc., prolonging the product's life cycle,
  • The process of implementation took 3 years. We started with design thinking method to get innovative and user-friendly ideas. We had to make a lot of prototypes to get minimalistic, organic shape and to put electronics inside the plastic shell. The design team consisted of 3 designers from Wiktoria Lenart studio and a team of specialists from Sens DX: engineers, robotics, scientists, biologists etc. 
  • Shetches:
  • Prototypes, 3d prints, quick models etc.:
  • Final result:
  • Design: Wiktoria Lenart, Natalia Cząstkiewicz, Michał Cząstkiewicz.
    Electronics: Sens DX team.
    Photos: Bartek Sadowski