• Student project:
    The Heave Ho piece is inspired by the story 'Herrings for a Shilling' by Valerie Larkins. It has a huge sense of family occasion where the little girl is with her sisters waiting for her Dad, Uncle and Brother to return from a fishing trip. Great Yarmouth (in England) had a booming fishing community and with my work, I wanted to portray the feeling of teamwork between the Dad and the Uncle. There is a further spirit of teamwork because the knitted pieces were completed by knitters in Norfolk.

    BRIEF: Interpret stories written by Great Yarmouth locals in any form of representation (2D, 3D, digital).
    RESPONSE: Installed piece at the Time And Tide Museum  in Great Yarmouth (in England). Materials used knitted pieces, fishing net, plywood, gloss paint and wood varnish.

  • Hand painted text using exterior gloss paint. Fishing net threaded through the wood
  • Two 'E's' representing the Dad and the Uncle working together. The description of the Dad within the story is very descriptive which signifies that the Dad is a significant figure in the little girl's life
  • Knitted 'E' pieces are by local Norfolk knitters to bring the sense of teamwork which runs through the story by Valerie Larkins
  • Quotes from the story
  • Heave Ho installed at the Time and Tide museum