Nay Mam Exhibition

  • In Vietnamese "Nảy Mầm" means germination.

    The project includes around 100 works by 88 artists with media ranging from illustration, graphic design to graphic novel and sculpture.
    By sharing the experience via visual works, we hope to encourage the public to engage more in growing plants. The ultimate goal of "Nảy Mầm" is to simply tell a story about our plant experience and hope that people can feel the joy that comes with growing a plant.
  • By inspiration from 4 Element of Natural such as Water, Light, Soil and Air combined with leaf vein, Vietnamese Window Patterns,
    the story of "Nảy Mầm" begins with the windows where artists put plant pots and take care of their plants every morning to catch the sun and the wind, every afternoon to fertilize and water the plants.​​​​​​​
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  • The purpose of the project is to uphold the spirit of environmental protection and tree planting. Therefore, reducing waste, reducing unnecessary activities are implemented, advertising activities are carried out online, minimizing the printing of advertising publications.​​​​​​​

    Nảy-Mầm's Social Media page is HERE​​​​​​​
  • The gifts for visitors to the exhibition are 100% pots made from coconut fiber.
  • Tin (Project Originator) speaks and declares opening of the exhibition.
  • the 5th Element "Metal"
    At the end of the exhibition, Tin (Project originator) wished to have an additional symbol showing the metallic element so that he could tattoo on his body as a souvenir of this meaningful project.
  • * Special thanks *
    Project Originator @Tin Nguyen Trung Tran
    Support Designer @Pitran / Photographer @Anh Khoa Duong 
    88 "Nảy Mầm" Artists