Dr. Hong Jin Pai

  • The following project consists of revitalizing and developing standards for the brand identity of Clínica Dr. Hong Jin Pai & Associados, a Acupuncture Clinic based in São Paulo, Brazil.

    The process consisted of searching for visual references, diagnosing the current brand identity, and standardizing and revitalizing solutions for the visual universe.

  • The diagnosis that we obtained through the analysis of the communication materials of the clinic's brand, is: lack of unity and cohesion between the contact points in typography, colors, drawings and applications of the brand. We noticed that the brand behaves differently in internal materials, digital, social media and website. Causing noise and a loss of identity value and visual recognition.

    The proposed solution was designed in addition to solving the problem diagnosed, providing greater aesthetic quality and revitalizing the brand. Bringing a new unique typography, more open color tones and a greater aesthetic concern with the construction of layouts and compositions.

    The graphic unity between the materials is notable through the creation of support elements and graphics, the use of photographs, colors and shapes.

  • For graphic support, we use two basic concepts for the deployment of language.

    The primary, passes through the edges of the materials with the brand's red tone; its defense is given by the involvement and care of the patient, being surrounded and surrounding him in order to treat, alleviate and relieve your symptoms through specific treatments.

    Secondary support, on the other hand, is an allusion to the contact points of the nerve endings and their meridians. Graphic and organized, the pattern is used in a secondary way and measured according to the need of the material.