Thanks Birth Control - Annual Campaign

  • contacted me for working on some creative lettering pieces for 2019 Power To Decide campaign. My work was part of a huge movement shared worldwide in many social media channels. You even can check one of the artworks in MTV screen in Time Square NY City!
    This event only happens once a year. It shows the world why birth control matters. And it needs people like you to make it happen. Thanks Birth Control Day is on November 13th so get ready to share the love.
    Your voice—along with your passion and participation—will truly make a difference. 
    I enjoyed working on this project a lot! Don’t hesitate to visit their social profiles and check all the info/products out!
    Important Links
    Link to Thanks, Birth Control page on Bedsider
    Link to Thanks, Birth Control page on Power to Decide
    Link to Thanks, Birth Control catalog on store