Haepsae [hipsi] chair

  • Haepsae chair

    I sometimes read articles and hear opinions about what irreparable harm we do to the ecosystem by throwing the same plastic bottle, or, say, a plastic bag.  From time to time, I monitor how in different countries, in various ways, methods are being fought with this.  And someone has already succeeded in this, and someone has just begun to rebuild the model of their attitude to such things.
     In my project, I try to meaningfully, based on the above, conceptually interpret the shaping of furniture fittings (in my case, this is a chair) from the standpoint of a person as a species concerned about the immediate, not the brightest future for myself.
     The design is based on the supporting element, the so-called “connector”, obtained by recycling plastic waste, as a self-contained part of the structure, organically integrated into the whole.
  • connector
  • materials:
    wood (beech, maple)
    recycled plastic (polypropylene)
    leather (faux)
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