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  • The Twelve Zodiac Signs are Rat, OX, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. In Chinese culture, it is a vital philosophy of image, based on which an interpretation system of the concepts of Year Luck, Marriage, Life and so on are formed. And also, the Twelve Zodiac Signs stand for a spiritual belief as well as the mascots of the lunar year. Each year has a corresponding zodiac sign. For example, 2020 corresponds to ‘Rat’, thus the year of 2020 is called the year of the rat.

    I try to use abstract artistic method to present the balance of the fonts (the Chinese characters of the zodiac) and the graphics (the twelve animals) on the bottle stickers and the packing. Additionally, a set of interesting animation are created based on the characteristics of each zodiac animal, in order to achieve the artistic effect of unity of the shape and rhyme.

    Client: Crazy Bear Craft ( 疯熊精酿 )
    Art Director & Typography & Motion: @

  •  __________________________________________[ 鼠 ]  Rat___________________________________________________
  •  __________________________________________[ 牛 ]  OX___________________________________________________
  •  __________________________________________[ 虎 ]  Tiger_________________________________________________
  •  __________________________________________[ 兔 ]  Rabbit________________________________________________
  • ____________________________________________[ 龍 ]  Dragon_________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________[ 蛇 ]  Snake__________________________________________________
  • ____________________________________________[ 馬 ]  Horse___________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________[ 羊 ]  Goat__________________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________[ 猴 ]  Monkey________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________[ 鸡 ]  Rooster___________________________________________________
  • ______________________________________________[ 狗 ]  Dog______________________________________________________
  •  _______________________________________________[ 猪 ]  Pig______________________________________________________
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