RealScout - Rebranding

  • "I worked very closely together with the RealScout team and we made sure all decisions where made stood for where my client stands for and know their audience will too." Jeroen van Eerden

  • "I often create these micro styleguides to capture all the important concept decisions within one shot. It really is a peak into my head and makes it easier for me to share my ideas." Jeroen van Eerden

  • "Featuring a refined and neutral palette, our design system is compatible with various brokerage brands and across diverse geographies." RealScout

  • The Mark
    Conveying a sense of welcome, R-House is a more contemporary refinement of the previous mark, comprised of three shapes: the R monogram for our company, the location marker for our technology, and the familiar home icon for our industry.

    The Logotype
    The logotype originated with the Hurme font (designed by Toni Hurme), chosen for its strong and clean form. However, the characters have been adjusted to be more linear and compact – modifications that help it fit more naturally with the mark: bold, poised and modern.

  • "I really enjoyed creating multiple patterns to compliment RealScout's brand. It brought everything together in a clean and creative way." Jeroen van Eerden
  • "Some of these patterns where a perfect fit to use as photo overlays. I tried to kept these visuals as simple as possible. For the apparel merchandise they went a bit more creative which I really loved." Jeroen van Eerden

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    A special thanks to
    Motion graphic designer Mate Miminoshvili, and the several brand identity experts who contributed to this project: Andrew Flachner, Lacey Arslan, Anthony DeCosta, Sean O’Connor, Sam Bertain, and Chas Turansky.

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