VR Sculpting/ Blue Dragon

  • Blue Dragon ]

  • Photos credit: ANDREW WILLIS
  • Background//
    This project was inspired by NCP China Study Tour 2019 course. Over the course of around 3 weeks we spent time with two universities, one in Shangdong, Shangdong University of Art and Design. This course was the convergence of traditional Chinese garments/ fashion design and wearable technologies, In teams we worked together with the students of SUAD to create wearable technology that would compliment their garments for the final fashion show. Once completed and back home we were tasked to further develop the items we created for our own exhibition of our trip which also featured some of the garments made by the students in SUAD. on top of that i decided to explore the use of VR and AR technology and express my interest and reflections through this mode.

    Artist Statement//
    A lot of our collaboration with SUAD revolved around the mythical creature, dragons. In honour of our comradery with the students of SUAD and in the spirit of modern technology, this piece aims to immerse the user through AR and to admire a universal creature, the dragon. This dragon was sculpted within a VR headset, the Oculus Quest, then exported through necessary means.