Matstreif – Norway’s largest food festival

  • Matsreif 2019 — Norway’s largest food festival

    Matstreif is a food festival taking place in Oslo, Norway. In 2019 they wanted to attract more people to the festival. The need for a stronger, different and more modern identity emerged. The identity aims to be visually striking in both Oslo and Norway in general - an active approach to reverse the trend of declining visitor numbers. The festival and identity is filled with life, taste, humor and energy. As a frame of reference, we found inspiration in the established category language of music festivals. The farmers, their origins and food are put in the center and became rock stars for the weekend. Ingredients we have put to use: A custom typeface, Smaks Sans (directly translated Sans of Taste), a variable type that was kneaded out across all formats. A distinct illustration style. Vibrant colors, inspired by our taste senses. Tasteful, humorous tone of voice. A unique sound and music profile and a documentary-esque photo style. Put together the identity and festival hits all our senses. A vibrant and flexible identity that constantly changes taste, texture and pace. It was great fun and as a bonus visitor numbers increased dramatically.

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