ACT Labs - brand identity

    ACT Labs are unique events that explore the intersection of human rights, art and technology, and develop a range of solutions - from immersive, participatory art pieces to apps with a strong art component.

    By communicating human rights' issues in new, unexpected ways, they create new paths to inspire engagement and cultivate support.

    It is not surprising then that the event takes its name from the three main areas that intersect: Art, Change, Technology, which together lead to powerful action.

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  • Guidelines Illustration
    The following illustrations are part of guidelines which provide a brief overview to people wishing to understand how to use technology and art for solving pressing social problems. 
  • ACT Labs is a project by Fine Acts, a global playground for social change
  • Credits:
    Creative Direction - Ivaylo Nedkov
    Illustration - Diana Stoyanova & Eva Markova
    Client Service - Vera Schwartz Venelina Miteva
    Animation - Alex Zhelyazkov