"ANDALUSIA" Adventure Campaign for Crosscamp

  • " A N D A L U S I A "

    Adventure Film & Image Set for the launch of the new "Crosscamp Life" Camper Van
    Motion: 4K - 2:1 - 2:37 min
    Stills: Extensive Image Set

    Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by: Basti Hansen
    Additional Footage & Appearance: Dan Lior & Edden Ram
    Client: Crosscamp
    Agency: OSK
    Shot over the course of 4 days on location in Spain
  • "The more I travel and the more people I meet along the way, the more I realize that the only real currency that actually matters in our lives, is time. I wonder about the stories that I might tell my grandkids about my life one day. I want it to be stories filled with adventures and with friendships. I want it to be stories about falling in love with this life over and over again. When I got the chance to go on a special kind of road trip across the South of Spain I immediately got two of my closest friends on board. We hadn’t seen each other in about a year by then which made this entire Trip feel a little bit like - coming home. Looking back it’s exactly these types of fleeting moments that we share that make me feel the most alive - and maybe one day - these will the stories that I’ll tell my grandkids about."​​​​​​​
  • Some frames taken from the film: