Crank Yankers

  • CrAnk Yankers Opening Sequence 4K.

  • Welcome to Yankerville! It’s featured as the imaginary hometown of the puppet characters on Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers. I had the opportunity to create this 3D world from scratch and animate the opening sequence for the 5th season of the TV show.

  • The architecture of Yankerville is inspired by the skyline of New York City. Yankerville is divided into 3 main districts - Suburbs, Hills and Downtown. I designed, modeled, textured and animated all the models.I designed all the models myself in Yankerville while thinking about cars from the 90s. I wanted to retain some of the imperfections that a smaller version of a car could have.

  • Images that I've captured during the process:

  • And couple more animations:

  • Thank you so much for checking it out!