Issue Of Maze 2020 - Zeigarnik Effect

  • It is an exercise game publication based on the TOTE process of our subconscious and the Zeigarnik Effect.

    Information about the effects that cause procrastination and half-applied labyrinths waiting to be completed and completed with different difficulty levels for each month are waiting for you. There are also monthly calendars on the back that they can use as posters.

    Zeigarnik Effect; It is a psychological concept that expresses that people remember things that are incomplete or divided-cut more easily than completed things.

    TOTE; The unconscious part of the mind pressures the prefrontal cortex (that is, the part that works with consciousness) to plan to move on to another task more comfortably, to finish the previous task.
    If not completed, our next jobs and perhaps our lives could be negatively affected.
    Because our subconscious works according to the TOTE model.
    Testing / Trigger, Operate, Test, Exit

    Issue Of Maze; Find and complete the unfinished path in the black areas of the labyrinths specially prepared for each month.

    Take the First Step!
    Continue towards the goal and finish.