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    KUKLA magazine is a quarterly fashion and lifestyle magazine slash newspaper, published by KUKLA Beauty Box - a beauty house led by stylist Kęstas Rimdžius. "I have been thinking about a trend guide for my clients which would be different from other fashion magazines. I wanted the magazine to clearly illustrate the main trends of the season as well as to explain them." - Kęstas Rimdžius, Editor-in-Chief.

    We picked a fairly large page format for it - A3 (Ledger/Tabloid for Americans) as the magazine is mostly filled with fashion photography - from season looks to extraterrestrials having Lithuanian Zeppelins. We created a vibrant yet clean design combining this imagery with bold, contrasting and dynamic typography that accents each of the looks.

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    Client: Kukla Beauty Box
    Photography: PACKSHOT (www.packshot.lt)
    Year: 2019