• Electro Orchestra

    Electro Orchestra is an interactive installation which will be presented at Hyper Electronic Audio Resonance. This installation is a display of consonant interaction from the energy of electronic devices combined with human interaction which results in a visible, graphic presentation. On the opposite ends of this display are a laser keyboard and electromagnetic field listening device. When an audience writes any message on the keyboard on one end of the installation and another places his/her electronic device(s) to the electromagnetic field listening device on the other end, this energy will then be absorbed and transferred as electromagnetic waves traveling into the system. Once the listening device captures this energy, it transmits this information on the panel and modifies the visual effects based on the impact and strength of the wavelength. This will then result in an output which will then appear onto the main panel of the installation of the custom typeface designed for the conference. This installation is the demonstration of the harmonious collaboration of human interaction and electronic machines.​​​​​​​

    This is a school project at ArtCenter College of Design.
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