kakslauttanen - Brand Identity

  • 2020  |  Branding  |   Personal Project

    Kakslauttanen - Brand Identity

    I worked on this visual identity for Kakslauttanen, an arctic resort located in Finnish Lapland. 250 kilometers north of the arctic circle.
    Known for the observation of the aurora borealis, it is on this element that I built the graphic identity. Using the "News Serif Bold" typography and a color palette reminiscent of night and aurora while remaining elegant. By using teal sparingly, it adds a touch of liveliness to the whole. One of their features is the tipi, I used this triangular shape to make the typography of the logo unique.

    I tried to illustrate the shape of the aurora borealis to use it through the different supports of the complex. From the bag to the 4x4 and the outfits. 

    Project not implemented. Carried out by Alexis Balinoff Studio - All outdoor photos belong to their owners

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