SANUTE Branding(2019)

  • SANUTE Branding(2019)
  • This project is a branding project of ‘SANUTE’ which proposes a new laundry drying experience. The purpose of ’SANUTE BRANDING’ project is to convey the value of 'SANUTE' to users and to recognize it as a brand.
    The project keyword for 'SANUTE' is ‘standard’. When we think of doing laundry, the standard is to take the laundry off the drying rack and fold it in the closet. But what do we actually do? We use it as a closet when the laundry dries on the rack.

    The branding is done to deliver the core value of 'SANUTE' to the users, and make them understand and appreciate better. I thought deeply how to interpret and decompose the 'standard', rebuild it, and to deliver it to users. Also, the new method of using this new kind of product had to be introduced too. Both of these thoughts were melted into 'SANUTE' branding identity.

  • Symbol design applied to the appearance of 'SANUTE'

  • Various ways of using 'SANUTE'.

  • Visual Identity-Icon
  • The core functions of SANUTE are expressed in combination of only six essential icons.
    1. Invisible / 2. Visible / 3. Moisture / 4. Characteristic / 5. Ventilation / 6. Flavor​​​​​​​

  • The six required icons and 'SANUTE' are combined.

  • Concept video.
  • This is a concept video that contains our thoughts about 'SANUTE'. Made with rotoscoping.

  • Motion Poster
  • We designed a motion poster to be displayed together in the exhibition space of 'SANUTE'.

  • Subbrand Symbol
  • We've created a variety of brand assets to make 'SANUTE' deeper and more convenient.

  • The Process book
  • Designed a project book containing the process of the project.

  • The product brochure
  • We designed a brochure that makes 'SANUTE' easy to understand and explains its features.

  • Sub-Branding-Antibacterial Deodorant
  • There are antibacterial and decontamination agents to maximize the experience of SANUTE.
    A subbrand was designed for this purpose.

  • Subbrand Symbol

  • Apply Package

  • Package
  • We chose a texture that could imply the fragrance of the deodorant.
    Through this, you can experience the fragrance while looking and touching.

  • Documetary