Bean-To-Bear Chocolate

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    Bean-To-Bear is an artisanal chocolate made inside and out with natural ingredients and lots of love, packaged in handmade paper and handdrawn illustrations. This is the work of a couple – Izabella Foki and Zoltán Koncos – who make this chocolate with devotion, adoration and an environmental awareness. They are Chococard.

    The cocoa beans come from plantations, that the owners have personally visited, so they know the producers, the conditions and they learn a lot from the locals. They import the selected beans themselves and the processing too (bean-to-bar) with lots of experimentation, unique roasting and flavours. As a result, each of their chocolates is magic to the taste.
    After the cocoa shells that are the byproduct of the processing are grinded, the papermaker Vinczemill adds them to the pulp that forms the basis of the paper, which are prepared with ancient, traditional technology by hand. This way, in its new form, the ’waste’ is again protecting the chocolate as a shell. 

    Each region of production is symbolized by an animal, of which we should take care and value. On the packaging they represent each region. The inside of the packaging reveals a little bit of the plantations, so we know from where the dreamy chocolate taste comes.

    During the past years both chocolate and its packaging was awarded with a number of international awards.
    Thank you ChocoCard and Vinczemill for the collaboration!


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    ChocoCard, Hungary /

    Moulded Paper: 
    Vinczemill Paper Mill, Hungary /

    Graphic design: 
    Cecília Pletser

    Zsombor Vásárhelyi, Cecília Pletser ​​​​​​​

    Special thanks:
    Iza Foki & Zoltán Koncos, Gábor Somogyi, László Vincze and Sons, Sára Heltai

    2016  ------  2019

    Thank you for your attention!