• SANUTE (2019)

  • 'SANUTE' is a project that proposes new clothes drying experience for single person households. We researched, made and designed the experience for it.
    We focused on the experience of those who use clothing racks as a closet. This project is about making this experience more convenient.

  • Background Research
  • Then, if we imagine the laundry market change in 2022, is there any chance of laundry service being completely replaced? Currently, coin laundry market is expanding fast, as the number of single-person households is increasing in a high speed. According to the survey we have conducted, main reason for using coin laundry is to handle heavy blankets and out-of-season clothes all at once, rather than to handle small daily laundry.

    On the other hand, there is door-to-door laundry service, of which the process of using it is very complicated. Users should take the photos of the laundry before sending the clothes for the service just in case if something goes wrong. But then if the users do not like the service quality, they have to ask for a re-service, repeating the whole process again. 

    Considering the needs of daily laundry, such as underwear or towel, both coin laundry and door-to-door laundry service is not enough to satisfy our future customers and their needs for laundry.

  • Target research Ethnolography

  • We conducted an ethnography to observe the way people handle daily laundry. (The entire laundry process was recorded and analyzed with the permission of interviewee)
    When the ringing sound of washing machine was heard, our interviewee took her clothes out from the washing machine and hung them on the drying rack. What was interesting came after drying. Instead of taking the clothes off the rack and folding them up into a closet, she simply checked whether the clothes were dry enough to wear using her hands. Whenever she needed clothes, she just took one straight out of the drying rack. Other clothes were left hanging on the rack.

    The stereotype she had about laundry was ‘to take off all the clothes, fold them up, and put the clothes into a closet, keeping the place tidy'. However, this is a ‘family made standard’, formed while she lived with another person. These days, she pursues her own way.  Looking at the messy laundry on the rack, she knows that there is a series of standard to go through. She feels a strange sense of guilt about not following the 'standard'.

  • In-Depth Interview
  • Interviewee: People who used to live with their family and have recently become single-person households.
    Question: Opinions on the use of the drying rack. Why do we feel guilt just looking at it?

    We have some psychological discomfort with the drying racks, and we feel a little guilty about not following the 'agreed standard'
    we have acquired in the past, and rather pursuing our own efficiency.

  • Target Specification 
    People who emphasizes their own standards
  • Living alone, we use a drying rack as a closet. In doing this, we feel uncomfortable
    and guilty not following the 'standard', which is organizing all laundry.

  • 'SANUTE' structure and principle
  • 'SANUTE' has 2 dehumidifier. They help 'SANUTE' to dry clothes inside.

  • 01. To dry laundry
  • Pull the handles on each side to open the drying rack. Simply push the rack back in
    after hanging all the clothes to hide all the laundry you need to hide.

  • 02. The best way to dry underwear and socks
  • Top drawer is for small laundries like socks and underwear. For the small laundries
    that fall off the original drying rack often, we suggest horizontally barred drawer.

  • 03. The lightening guide
  • The inner sensor activates and lights up when someone comes close. The drier the laundry gets, the brighter gets the light.
    When users can clearly see the inner side, then your laundry is ready to go.

  • ​​​​​​​
  • 04. Pull a single slide forward to take the clothes out
  • There is no need to drag the whole drawer out to get your clothes!
    Simply pull an individual rack forward to get whatever clothes you want out.

  • ​​​​​​​05. Dry and dehumidify
  • Dehumidifier installed inside absorbs water from the wet laundry.
    The water absorbed is kept in a container below, until it gets emptied before another use.

  • 06. Sterilizing air freshener 
  • On the right side of the product is a aperture for sterilizing air freshener. The scent you have chosen can be fitted in the hole.
    When the inner fan is activated, air circulates with the scent and sterilizer. This smell also affects the whole house.

  • Material of SANUTE
  • -

  • Process documentary
  • -

  • Symbol of SANUTE
  • Window blind: the symbolic design applied to the appearance of 'SANUTE'

  • Visual Identity

  • The core functions of SANUTE are expressed in combination of only six essential icons.
    1. Invisible / 2. Visible / 3. Moisture / 4. Characteristic / 5. Ventilation / 6. Flavor​​​​​​​

  • The six icons and 'SANUTE' are combined.

  • Brand applications

  • We have created a variety of brand assets that make 'SANUTE' deeper and more convenient.

  • We designed a brochure that makes 'SANUTE' easy to understand and explains its features.​​​​​​​​​​​​

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