• Taptop

    The Taptop concept repositions the classic desktop PC from a box with outsourced hardware components into a device which is in the centre of the user interaction.

    It fuses the cursor optimized desktop interface with a multi-touch bar, functioning as the Dock and Control Strip, allowing users to interact with the actual device, not just with peripherals. Taptop brings the familiar concept of having your Apps at your fingertips to the desktop.

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  • It's all in here

    Inside Taptop are all the components of a regular computer, plus an integrated power adapter, microphone, biometric authentication sensors & speakers.

  • Palette

    Taptop Palette is a multi-touch trackpad with a low refresh rate subsurface screen. 
    A machined finger groove in the top glass layer indicates direction and provides haptic feedback.

  • Keypad

    Taptop Keypad features a fully enclosed design using microfibre fabrics and soft-touch polymers. The bottom case of both Palette & Keypad can be removed to clean or service the device if needed.

  • Canvas

    Canvas is a non-touch sensitive display. The back of the display is covered with a passive air filter membrane, to create a better working atmosphere and to open up possibilities for device personalization. A set of Qi coils is embedded beneath the screen for peripherals to charge while in standby.

  • Get creative

    Use multiple Taptop Palettes for app-specific use cases. Rearrange different input methods to discover a setup that works best for you.

  • Kiosk, DJ Set, Check-in...

    Use Taptop as a POS & customize the filter cover on the back of the canvas display to match your business. Mix tracks or type text in Braille with two Palettes.

  • Input Handoff

    Wearables can be used as secondary input devices for nimble adjustments. Sliders and tabs can be handed off to other devices in proximity to declutter your main display.

  • Dock & Quick Actions

    Apps in the dock are organized in scrollable pages. Touch an icon to switch between apps. Touch and hold any element in the Dock to access specific quick actions.

  • Control Strip

    The Dock is automatically hidden while working in an app. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go back to the home screen.

  • Ambient awareness

    Taptop automatically wakes from sleep if it detects a person in front of it. Users are authenticated with a biometric sensor embedded underneath the left side of the display.