• editorial design, art direction, branding
    VERTEX is a fictional magazine designed to reflect the upper echelon of design magazines currently available on the market, with a twist. The intention was to have VERTEX to be at the forefront of visual culture in primarily Australia, and to rival eye magazine and baseline in standard and worldliness. The magazine design reflects this with the use of extravagant embellishment techniques as standard, including die cuts and spot varnishing across all issues. 

    As part of an editorial task, we designed three covers for our fictional magazine, representing colour (or an absence of), technology and typography. We also designed the internal feature articles of the typography issue and produced it locally. The final production utilised locally sourced uncoated paper stock at 125 GSM and 240 GSM for the cover to give a tactile weight behind the publication, in much the same way car manufactures fabricate the weight and thud in a car door to symbolise and express luxury.
    see the whole thing on issuu here