• HAABS1

    Ground graphic design studio with the help of hugmun.studio jointly worked on the visual identity design for the architecture studio from Germany - HAABS1. 

    The studio have its headquarters in Berlin at Leopoldstraße 1. From Jens Sieben, the owner of Habbs1, we've got a short description of the idea: It must be a well-constructed kick, but with "that something".

    This is exactly what we did. We also created the printing materials: business cards, company envelopes, notebooks and gift cards showing the company architectural designs. 

    We reached for the PANO font from the Heavyweight label and decided to use holographic foil for some extra details.

    Art Direction: ground
    Consulting: Hugmun.studio
    Type Foundry: Heavyweight
    Print House: Dot Studio
    Animation: Witek Pietrucha
    Photos: Kuba Szopka