Web/Mobile & Desktop Exchange App Next-On

  • The main mission of our project is to create an innovative tool for paying for services in online stores and maintaining accounting for businesses operating in the field of e-commerce. This will greatly simplify the process of paying for goods and services on the Internet, eliminating users from charging commissions and providing confidential information. In addition, it will enable users to maintain business statistics in a convenient, rendered manner.

    We created a new cryptocurrency like Bitcoin called Next-On and put it on the market. In the course of our work, we developed the brand identity for the coin, as well as a website, a pre-sales branding pager, all of them with a responsive design.  We created a desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and mobile (Android, IOS) e-Platform for selling and buying cryptocurrency. 

    Coin NextON has a number of advantages over the Bitcoin coin:
    - Anonymous transactions with the PrivateSend mechanism;
    - Instant transactions thanks to InstantX technology;
    - The highest level of protection against DDOS attacks, which provides the hash algorithm X11;
    - Due to the use of the PoS algorithm, coinage does not require high volumes of electricity and special equipment, nor does it pollute the environment;
    - Generation of a new block occurs at times faster than in Bitcoin network;
    - NextON coin mining - easy, affordable, reliable, stable, eco-friendly earnings.

    We're available for new projects! Drop us a line at hello@wadoo.space.

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