Man-made climate change processes arose as soon as we started to exist as a species. However, until man became the dominant species, his activities had very little effect on the planet. Everything has changed with humans becoming the dominant and starting to feel as the masters of this planet. Today, the Earth's climate is undergoing a transformation that is largely a result of human activity. Climate change is adversely affecting not only humans, but the entire planet, threatening the extinction of all life.

    We present to you twelve animals that have become extinct due to human activities over the last 150 years. The personification of each animal is inspired by the artwork of a famous painter from the country in which they lived. The extinction of these species is a reminder of how human activity is irreversibly affecting the planet, and only we can prevent it.


    The calendars structure also reflects the main idea of ​​the calendar. As the months change, the leaves are torn off and eventually, like the animals on display, the calendar itself disappears.


    Scandia 2000  White 440 g 

    Calendar sheets: 
    Scandia 2000 White 240 g / offset priting

    Illustration sheets:
    Scandia 2000 White 240 g / offset priting, foiling

    Informational sheets: 
    OP Medical Print 45 g / offset priting

    Kaskad Robin Red 28 225 g / offset priting, letterpress, foiling

  • 2019

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