Adobe Creative Cloud 2018

  • Identity . Adobe Creative Cloud
    Aug 2018
  • “All organisms are part of a single system that communicates with itself and evolves not towards a destiny that separates it, but goes through an evolutionary spiral back to itself. Destiny is the source, but the source is infinitely nourished by its own creativity.”

    Uroboro - Within all cultures
    It expresses the unity of all things, the material and the spiritual, which never disappear but change form in an eternal cycle.

    The idea is that the creature acquires a 3d volume, with elements around it in 2d, subtle elements that do not opaque the protagonism of the creature. The parts that make up the creature are not final decisions, they can be represented by other creatures.

    Angello Torres
    The Acid House

    Creative Director, Adobe
    John Caponi

    Art Director, Adobe
    Michael Jarrott

  • Identity . Adobe Creative Cloud
    Aug 2018

  • Angello Torres

     The Acid House

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