• DAXL​​​​​​​
    Daxaz Enterprise Inc is a technology company focused on water and health. 
    This year, Daxaz Enterprise Inc is aiming to create new brand 'DAXL' for the people who love outdoor sport can enjoy pure water in anywhere, anytime by Daxl smart water bottle.
    Mortise Design took part in DAXL concept design, VI construction, and website design.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    AD+D 李政逹/D Rocio Landaveri​​​​​​​/CL Daxaz Enterprise Inc

  • Logotype Concept : Future Technology + Source of Life (Water)
    DAXL logotype express an image of future life. The product is related to daily life, so we decided to form the logo with multiple circles and curves to increase the affinity of the brand. At the same time maintain a clean feeling. In terms of color, we have chosen a blue that feels stable and comfortable to complement the image of the DAXL brand.

  • Logomark Concept : Halo of Technology
    DAXL's logomark. We decided to surround DAXL with a simple ring as the logo mark.This logomark is suitable for places like products, website...etc

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