Void; The Spaces Between (Sengkang)

  • Void
    The Spaces Between

    Void is a BA(Hons) graphic design project on the exploration of urban spaces. 

    Urban spaces are used on daily basis but often neglected and forgotten in the midst of all the fanciful buildings. 
    It creates a meaning for people and our environment and it can influence our lives in a positive way. 
    Therefore, this project aims to explore and understand the significance of urban spaces through the use of data visualisation and visual archiving.
    This series of publications provides a comparative study of 3 different areas in Singapore to understand how urban spaces were designed
    and utilised in a different way. Maps were illustrated according to each area to provide an exploration experience.

    3. Sengkang
  • UPDATE: Cleaned up my map a little for a feature in Monsa Publication, based in Barcelona.