The Paradise Shirt / Corona Oceans Week

    Corona Oceans Week

    Hello Everyone!

    I am very happy to share this beautiful project for Corona, comissioned by 
    Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.

    In honour of World Oceans Day, we hijacked Corona’s global ‘This Is Living’ brand platform to help combat plastic pollution.
    With a staggering eight million metric tons of plastic waste dumped into the sea each year, I worked with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, Corona and Parley for the Oceans to highlight the issue by putting plastic into other places it doesn’t belong.
    Just in time for summer, we subverted that classic symbol of paradise, the Hawaiian shirt. Called The Paradise? Shirt, it’s designed by Adolfo Correa to mimic the true state of paradise with a pattern that looks idyllic from a distance, but on closer inspection reveals plastic waste everywhere such as old toothbrushes, plastic rings, cuttery and so on.
    Supported by global ambassador, Chris Hemsworth, and made with the help of Parley from the very stuff it depicts – plastic from the ocean; the limited-edition shirt shows the world paradise is in danger while doing something about it.

    The campaign had a great success online and we sold out all the shirts in a couple days 
    to support more oceans cleanups, receiving a giant positive feedback from all over the world with the hashtags #OceansWeek #100islandsprotected 


    Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
    Client: Corona
    Studio Manager: Lizzie Murray
    Creative Director: Alvaro Sotomayor
    Art Director: Vasco Vicente
    Copywriter: Toby Moore
    Producer: Stijn Wikkerink
    Account Director: Will Hunt
    Account Executive: Thomas Missault
    Designer & Illustrator: Adolfo Correa
    Animation: Manuel Ferrari, Adolfo Correa.
    Film: W+K Team.


  • Chris Hemsworth supporting The Paradise Shirt Campaign.

  • Process

  • The paradise pattern

  • Green Version

  • Blue Version

  • White Version


  • The Plastic Wave - Street Intervention

  • Social Media Impact

    Photographs from supporters, ambassadors and good people on instagram
    #OceansWeek #100islandsprotected 


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