• // This is a Video  based on an original music composed by Luni Sacks (Francis Trash).  Fonekalls is an immersive video which takes place in an unknown city. It depicts a strong relationship between architecture and body. 
    For this project, we were really inspired by the Romantic Movement, especially by the painting, The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, by Caspar Friedrich. At last, the video is a tribute to japan movies like Hanna Bi and Sonatine.​​​​​​​ 

  • // CREDIT --  Produced by YEAZER  Written and Directed  by Gaël Abbad 
    EDITING Sound Design Dorian Pisicchio  VFX Compositing -- Gaël Abbad --
    Color Grading & Costume  Yeazer Make up artist -- Laureen Piccard  Stylist -- YEAZER Special Thanks -- Quentin Pennet, ABS, Mounia Bensalem,  Les pièces vintages store Extra Thanks -- We want to thank our team and friends which have participate and were truly involved in this project.
  • // Here, some posters and videos from the communication of Luni Sacks. It was also an opportunity to extend the universe of Fonekalls
    We chose to promote some elements of the video like the street lamp, the car, and some characters. 
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