Kitchen Pub. Krapiva

  • About

    Kitchen pub “KRAPIVA” is a new promising project in the restaurant sector. 
    A pub that is not like the others. It is distinguished by an original idea of ​​serving 
    a bar and a kitchen, and a modern interior solution.


    The client set a goal: to discover in Krasnodar something new - not a standard beer house, 
    but an atmospheric place with unique drinks, unusual ideas for cocktails based on craft 
    nettle beer, and high-tech cuisine. We were approached with the task of finding this 
    image that can convey all the beauty and unusualness of the project.


    We were inspired by the idea. To create a style in the style of pages of old scientific books 
    on botany, with engraving illustrations and handwritten notes. Copies 
    of 18th century botanical books were found that were used as textures - yellowed 
    and tattered paper pages convey a sense of antiquity, naturalness and uniqueness.


    Nettle leaf in the logo - the concept of naturalness and ecology. The selected dark gamut 
    conveys the atmosphere of the place, aesthetics and tranquility, which is combined with 
    bronze, gold shades and textures, making the character of the style softer and more 
    sophisticated. We have created a style thanks to which the institution will be interesting 
    to both male and female audiences. It subtly emphasizes the unique cocktail recipe, 
    set of dishes, decor, details of the atmosphere and interior of the pub.

    full work –


    creative and art directors → avgust ruslan
    lead designer → rais kharchuk