• Platform

    UI/UX, Graphic and Motion design

    Luxury e-commerce website with personalization tool
    Robemart proudly claims 100 years of experience with Turkish robes and towels in premium hand-selected fabrics. It provides luxury quality at an affordable price. It is online store has a tool to personalize robes for a business, home or bridal parties. Customers can add the last special detail, a custom message or their monogram to a product.

    Having not just stock options but something that created only for you, something personal and special is really important, especially for luxury products. Adding personalization ability for website products and making it easy and simple for users were our main challenges.


  • Personalization
    So, how does it work? You simply select the robe you like, choose the type of custom design element (Embroidery, Rhinestone, Vinyl) and its location. Then you type your custom message, select font — and
    that’s it.  You can preview a result and make changes right away without switching between the screens
    or going back and forth. 
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