• About the customer.

    Latifundus.ru - online store of agricultural machinery, spare parts and household goods. 
    This is an online service in which the Latifundus team sets the main goal and mission 
    to maintain the quality, reliability and availability of goods - the first thing that their 
    customers pay attention to be on the same wavelength.

    The client contacted us with the task of creating an online store image that will 
    reflect the main qualities - reliability and consistency, help in choosing, practicality, 
    convenience, and also bear the trust of customers.


    During the work, various ideas were examined that revealed the essence 
    of the Latifundus online service. The choice was made in favor of the concept 
    of land and land ownership. The logo is depicted in the form of a shield, 
    horizontal and vertical stripes of the letters “L” and “F” resemble the demarcation of land.


    We have developed an identity based on a single idea, which is translated
    in the design and layout of the site, corporate identity, as well as in brand communication.


    client → @^%#&*#cult
    creative and art directors → avgust ruslan
    lead designer → rais kharchuk

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