Sziget 2020 Identity

  • Pitch for Sziget 2020 edition, that didn't see the light of the day, but still a fun project which me and Clemence are very thrilled about! As concept we worked on NATION idea. What it means to build a nation, what elements and what values you have. Environmental issues and love & respect towards each other were our pilares of the Sziget Nation. Then translating this into an identity worked in passports as lineup/calendar, visas as tickets, flags all tighten with visual elements/shapes that represent what Sziget Nation stands for.
    Info and pictures are only placeholders 
  • Line - up
  • Logo variations
  • Color Palette
  • Tickets and Bracelets
  • Festival Flags
  • Website
  • Passport
  • Type Hierarchy
  • IG Posts
  • Festival Signage