Lands Collection

  • “I have taken a plane many times, however, flying is always an exciting experience for me. Being in my seat and seeing how, as if by magic, the plane takes off and with every second things seem smaller down there. And I feel how, after many years, I keep looking down out of the window as when I was a child. Already from the air, I start seeing the roads, villages, fields, mountains… And finally, just clouds. 

    From this experience, the Lands collection was born. A collection of wood trays inspired by aerial landscapes.” 
  • Designed for: GIR
    Photography: Tatjana Zlatkovic
    You can choose from a variety of sizes and create your signature piece that can be used for almost anything. Trays can be used on both sides and they are presented in ash wood and steamed walnut wood.
  • Lands trays in ahs and steamed walnut wood
  • These wooden trays are also very functional and practical. You can put them on your office table and keep your small belongings on display, safe and neatly stored, or you can just play with them and rearrange it in your favorite combination. They are 6 different trays.
  • Lands trays in steamed walnut wood
  • Design process
  • It all started as an idea inspired by aerial landscapes, then this idea was translated into sketches and then I made some paper models to check how the product could look and how it could work. After that, it was time to make real prototypes. The first prototypes were made in pine wood and some of them were painted in colors. Once the design was finished, it was time to design the packaging and finally launch the product. 
  • Thank you very much!