TW 13–19 (139)

  • TW 13–19 (137)
  • Jewellerybook for the Norwegian fashion brand Tom Wood.
    Made at Bleed Design Studio.

    The jewelry brand book is a neat presentation of 6 years in business, from the launch in 2013 until 2019. The book covers 139 essential items still in production, as well as some archived styles. The book is divided into two, one part history, and the other one as catalogue. This split narrates both sides of the Tom Wood brand: products & lifestyle.

    Early on in the process, we wanted to embed six years of experience and experimentation into an artistic reflection of the products’ nature. There is a strong connection - allegorically, and historically – between the moon and silver. We wanted to highlight this relationship, and juxtapose them, including visual, literal, and material references.

    The result is a crossbred publication, equal parts art book, and catalog.