HSC Protection Smart Card

  • HSC
    Identity // Packaging

    The mission of HSC patented, smart products is to raise awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle.

    Visual identity and Packaging design of a product which uses advanced and exclusive know-how and technology to protect people and the environment from a wide spectrum of pollution (electromagnetic, biological, chemical...).

    The packaging design shows the silhouette of the product and its beneficial effect. Vibrations, buffers (layers), symbolise the main function of the product which is - protection. With the intention to represent a filter, the packaging is divided in half with two colours. 
    The HSC logo in its coherent form shows the purpose of the brand with a hexagon used as a shield and the symbol H stands for the process of transforming something negative into positive.

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    Agency // Studio 33
    Client // TSP d.o.o.
    Art Direction and Design // Leo Vinkovic
    Illustration // Mario Majkic
    Photo // Marija Gasparovic

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