Various Editorial Illustrations IV

  • Various Editorial Illustrations IV

    Recent illustrations for clients like Believer Magazine, The New York Times, OZY, ProPublica, and The Ringer. These pieces were done digitally with Procreate on the 12.9" iPad Pro (2nd Generation) and finished in Adobe Photoshop on a Windows PC.
  • The Attractions of Hell
    Client: The New York Times; Sunday Review
    AD: Nathan Huang

    For an essay by David Bentley Hart asking why many modern Christians have a deep emotional need for an eternal Hell.

    The idea of eternal damnation is neither biblically, philosophically nor morally justified. For many it retains a psychological allure.
  • Female Medical Research Hits Unlikely Roadblock: Diversity Mandates
    Client: OZY
    AD: Sean Culligan

    Policies adopted by the U.S. and Canada to include women as research subjects could hurt them in an unexpected way.
  • At Risk in the Culture of ‘Normal’
    Client: The New York Times; Disability Series
    AD: Jim Datz

    Research shows that people with atypical brains are at a higher risk of suicide and self-harm.
  • New York City Paid McKinsey Millions to Stem Jail Violence. Instead, Violence Soared.
    Client: ProPublica
    AD: Hannah Birch

    The corporate consulting firm reported bogus numbers and flailed in a project at Rikers Island. Today, assaults and other attacks there are up almost 50%.
  • How McKinsey Helped the Trump Administration Carry Out Its Immigration Policies
    Client: ProPublica
    AD: Hannah Birch

    Newly uncovered documents show the consulting giant helped ICE find “detention savings opportunities” — including measures the agency’s staff sometimes viewed as too harsh on immigrants.

  • Beating the Bounds; The Case for Ethical Borders in Portugal and the World
    Client: Believer Magazine
    AD: Kristen Radtke

    One of several illustrations for the Borders Issue of Believer Magazine (October / November 2019).

    Borders may predate the existence of states, but our bodies are older than either. And as borders have grown to occupy more space and have shapeshifted to take on increasingly personal and personalized forms—as smart-city surveillance, as predictive policing technologies, as mountainous databases of biometric info—so, too, have the wounds they leave behind.
  • The Five Stages of Being Adapted by Martin Scorsese
    Client: The Ringer
    AD: David Shoemaker

    What is it like to have one of cinema’s most renowned directors turn your book into a movie? Dennis Lehane (‘Shutter Island’), Joe Connelly (‘Bringing Out the Dead’), and Brian Selznick (‘Hugo’) explain the emotionally overwhelming process.